at la casa verde we believe reducing, reusing and recycling (in that order) is key to living sustainably 


we reduce by:

* not using any unsustainable materials, e.g. jungle hardwood, endangered animal products etc…

* avoiding products with packaging which cannot be reused or recycled

* using (and encouraging our guests to use) the available reusable carry bags and plastic containers when shopping and to say ‘no thanks’ to the endless offering of plastic bags – the lovely supermarket workers think we’re strange when bulk filling our re-usable plastic containers and carrying them in our backpacks…but they’ve pretty much got the jist of it now

* offering free drinking water refills to our guests so they don’t need to keep buying plastic water bottles

* encouraging guests to ‘take nothing but photos and leave nothing but (light) footprints’ on their journeys


we reuse:

* paper/cardboard and turn it into interesting (probably not award winning) artwork, garden mulch and window/mirror cleaners 

* glass bottles to create interesting windows and (once we’ve collected anough bottles) a glass bottle green house

* plastic containers to store food or grow new seedlings

* food scraps (composted or fed to our neighbours’ animals), water and human waste (treated through our septic system) on the property to make the garden even more luscious.


we recycle by: 

* rubbish is washed and separated into 6 bins in and beside the kitchen – food scraps, glass, plastic bottles, aluminium, paper and non-reusable or unrecyclable plastic 

* aluminium is sold (yes, you can make a little money from recycling aluminium here – it’s not a ‘get rich quick scheme’ though) to a local collector who sells it on to a recycling plant.  same goes with the large plastic bottles (which we do not buy for the business but guests often leave behind).

* making recycled paper – used for our visitor book, information books and other decorative purposes throughout the building.  in the not too distant future, we hope to teach the technique and basic business operations to local women so they can make the paper and sell it themselves.

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