Here's your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for adventure, joy and!

Located on 2450 sqm (about 2/3 acre) of prime riverfront 100% freehold land. It is 2km (a little over 1 mile) from town but in a very quiet and sought after suburb, in the ‘safe zone’ of Baños.  It is also conveniently located 400m from 1 of the 3 thermal bath complexes in Baños.


la casa verde is privately owned and 100% freehold. There is no debt on either, the land, the building or the business (including fixtures and fittings). la casa verde is already a great business offering a great ROI.  With only a fraction of the land being used for the buildings, there’s plenty of room to expand, if desired. 


There are established fruit trees (avocados, mandarins, bananas, lemons and limes) with many others recently producing (figs, oranges, plums, apples and peaches).  Passionfruit, granadilla, tree tomato (tamarillo) and sugar cane have also grown succesfully on the property.  The garden produces an abundance of vegetables year-round.  All the land has been chemical-free for at least 9 years and everything grown using organic methods.  Many birds (including 3 different types of hummingbirds) and butterflies can regularly be seen around the buildings and the gardens.


How would  you like to soak in this tub? 

...with these views? 

...with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) after a day of meeting and talking with people from all over the world, going hiking/biking/canyoning/rock climbing/rafting/swimming/soaking in thermal hot pools/daytripping to the Amazon rainforest/(fill in your choice of activity here) and eating organic, delicious and nutricious food - from your own garden?  

...then finishing off with a massage in your own room, before drifting off to sleep with nothing but the sound of the river?

...and being paid to do so!  

Sound like the lifestyle you're after?

la casa verde is consistently rated one of the top hotels in Baños – and one of the top 10 in Ecuador (based on overall guest satisfaction on, and  We have been a 'Traveler's Choice', in 3 categories, for 5 years straight, putting us in the top 1% of all accommodations in Ecuador.


There are 2 buildings (both council approved) on the property.  They were built as eco-friendly as possible by the owners and to international standards, i.e. everything works properly. They are very low maintenance – an absolute rarity in Ecuador!


The main building consists of 660 sqm (7100 sqft) over 3.5 floors. There are 11 guest bedrooms (all with private bathroom), a reception, large lounge, kitchen, dining area and communal bathroom. On the 4th floor and part of the 3rd floor, there’s a spacious (170 sqm – 1830 sqft) 3 bedroom penthouse apartment, with open plan kitchen, dining, lounge, sunroom, balcony, bathroom and separate toilet....see photos at the top of the page.


The secondary building of 50 sqm (540 sqft) has the commercial kitchen, laundry, massage and treatments room, volunteer room and bathroom. There’s an additional 90 sqm (940 sqft) of decking.






























All are constructed to international standards, including (but not limited to):


Brick and cement construction with steel framing and roofing. Reinforced concrete slabs and columns to anti-seismic standards. Anti termite protected wooden floors and wooden decking. Ceramic tile bathrooms.  No mold or rising damp problems.



- Heavier gauge wire used throughout the building (mostly 10 and 12 gauge whereas Ecuadorean buildings generally use 18 gauge).  Our wire holds more current to effectively run appliances without melting the wires or constantly tripping breakers.

- Breaker boxes on all 4 floors.  Rooms are separated so if the rare occasion arises of there being a problem in one room, it can be isolated (the rest of the floor and building will not be affected)



- Grey and black water is separated.  Grey water is filtered back into the garden and the black water goes straight into the septic tank.

- Large diameter and stronger pipes used than in typical Ecuadorean buildings.  This prevents blockages and the need for a bin beside the toilet (for used toilet paper) which is common in most buildings in Ecuador.  The in-coming water pipes are strong enough to withstand the excellent water pressure provided by the pump.  

- Joins have been properly sealed so there are no leaks.

- The main pipes are on the outside of the building. 

- There are shut-off valves for each water inlet and access caps for each grey outlet (in case of blockages – which there haven’t been any to date).  Again, rooms can be isolated if work needs doing on them.  The rest of the rooms and building will not be affected. 


...and much, much more!


This is an amazing package and the hard work has been done. A wonderful turnkey operation to continue as is. The building/business is currently being managed.  You could choose to do the same (or lease it out) and just sit back and collect your monthly cheque and be relatively hands-off....but who could resist not being in this paradise!?

The land, buildings and business have been valued at a little over US$500,000.  We understand that not all people who would love to run la casa verde and have the incredible lifestyle it offers, could necessarily afford to pay this.  Of course, we'd like to get the best price possible...we'd also prefer to pass on la casa verde to someone who will cherish it as much as we have.


We have her listed at $325,000 - a lifestyle, home and business opportunity that represents incredible value for money!  Make us an offer and let us know your thoughts.  All reasonable offers will be considered and replied to.  You just never know until you ask...

For more information, please contact Rebecca on or call the hotel directly on 03 274 2671.

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