The Greenshields family

We are a mixed family consisting of a Kiwi, an Aussie and 2 kids (both Ecuadorean/Kiwi/Aussie nationals). 


In 2005 we set off to escape the ‘real world’ for a while and travel through South America for a year.  14 months later, we found this half built construction for sale (on the pastaza river – Rio Pastaza – a large tributary to the Amazon river) and decided this was it.  The next year was spent working and travelling in Europe and Asia, then back to NZ and Aussie to spend time with family and friends before making our big move to settle in Ecuador.


The natural beauty, a temperate climate and an opportunity to lead ‘the simple life’ lured us to Baños; a place where eco-tourism and sustainability needs more attention. We want to help make changes which we hope will make positive long-term environmental and social impacts – doing our best not just doing our bit.


la casa verde literally means ‘the green house’, in Spanish.  Our aim is to live as environmentally sustainable as possible, provide a comfortable ‘green’ place for environmentally and socially conscious travellers to stay, relax and enjoy Baños and help promote eco-tourism.


You can read more about our move to Ecuador and the experiences, laughs, confusion and challenges faced with building an eco hostel (which evolved into an eco guest house) whilst trying to master Spanish, give birth to and raise a family and just live in a completely new country – check out any of our social media pages to find out more...

At the moment, the Greenshields' are in Australia to be closer to family.  Angy and Johan, our Ecuadorean family, are currently your friendly hosts...they will help take care of you during your time at la casa verde.

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