Nestled between the Andes and the Amazon, Baños offers a diverse range of activities and has something for everyone.  Here are just a few of the things on offer...


spa and beauty treatments – looking for a little relaxation with a massage, facial, body exfoliation, manicure or pedicure?  there are many ways to indulge in a relaxing hour or 2 (or 5!).  at la casa verde, we have a formally trained and highly experienced masseuse and beauty treatment therapist who offers an international quality treatment experience, at a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay.  imagine enjoying all these treatments for $80 la casa verde, you can!


thermal hot pools - Baños is known for it's healing thermal waters and there are 3 different places to enjoy this water....we even have some 400m from la casa verde.  you can soak at nearly any time of the day, although they are closed between 10pm and 5am.


volcano watching - Mama Tungurahua, also known as ‘the black giant’, is the active volcano about 5km from Baños.  there is mostly no activity throughout the year.  When she does start up, nearby viewpoints provide spectacular night viewing of molten rock spewing out and tumbling down the side of the volcano - a wonderful and unique travelling experience!  la casa verde is located in the volcano ‘safe’ area of the Baños surrounds and people evacuate to our area if need’re safer here than in town!


adrenaline activities - rafting, kayaking, canyoning, rock climbing, paragliding, horse riding, zip-lining and bridge swinging run by experienced guides through tour agencies in town.  They use good quality equipment and cater for the beginner to very advanced.  We can help organise these activities for you with the best operators in town so you make the most of your time in Baños and to ensure a fun, safe and memorable experience.


hiking, biking and waterfall viewing - in and around baños, there are walks and bike rides for all levels of fitness.  anything from 1.5 hours to 10 hours - you could be kept busy for days exploring.  There are also overnight and multiple day walks.  A popular bike route is down the valley of waterfalls – which makes a beautiful half day/day trip, with plenty of hiking opportunities also.


zoo, serpentarium, kids’ park - if you’d like to see some of the local and national animals/reptiles, birds etc... and aren’t heading into the jungle, Baños has a great zoo and serpentarium.  There’s also a kids’ playground to help keep them entertained and burn energy!


day trips to the jungle and indigenous communities - you don’t even need to spend the night away from Baños to get a glimpse of the jungle.  At la casa verde, we can help you organise a full day activity in and around Puyo so you’re back here to spend another comfy night and enjoyable breakfast!  The community of salasaca, known for it’s beautiful wall hangings, is also close by.


tailor made stay - we have very comprehensive information at la casa verde and can help you plan activities whilst staying here.  After discussing what you’d like to do and helping arrange your days so you maximise your time in Baños and take advantage of everything on offer, we can set it all up for no extra’s part of the friendly service offered at la casa verde!


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