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we are re-planting the native trees (that were cut down many years ago) to help regenerate the area.  we do have trees and vegetation everywhere on the property and this helps to reduce soil erosion.  our garden is designed with nature in mind.  there are no hummingbird feeders with sugared water or anything artificial in this beautiful and natural environment…you get to experience genuine nature without harming it.  soil is conserved by using only compost to avoid depletion of minerals.



we helping and showing local people how to build and live sustainably.  as more and more people build in the area, it’s important for them to realise the benefits of building for the long-term and reducing their environmental impact.  for example, we’re showing how to use sustainable timbers (mostly pine and eucalyptus) instead of jungle hardwood; how to build septic systems, instead of piping directly into the river; the negative and toxic effects of burning plastic and the benefits of reducing rubbish and recycling.  

at la casa verde we buy almost all of our produce locally.  this means no transport/storage is required, again minimising the environmental impact.  also, we share farm our land with a couple of families in the community (with little land) to help them produce their own veges.  we also trade with other people when we can 


environmental impact and sustainability

la casa verde is nearly completely made of sustainable ecuadorean material.  we also ensure we operate in a sustainable manner.  our non-reusable waste is minimal and we encourage our guests to act the same.  please see reduce, reuse, recycle page for more info on how we deal with our waste.

we don’t use chemically based fertilisers or cleaning products only natural/home-made and phosphate-free products.  we only use LED light bulbs and our energy is generated from hydro-electricity.

our hot water is pre-heated by the sun to reduce the energy needed to really crank up the heat for those lovely hot showers.  

as there is no local (or even national) recycling program, in the future, we hope to set up community recycling as an extension of our own in-house recycling and help demonstrate the benefits of reducing, reusing and that order. 


eco education

as well as helping our local community, we hope to make our visitor’s stay as interesting and informative as possible.  our aim is to inform our guests and encourage them to think and act green.  we are more than happy to chat with anyone who’d like more information or to help in any way. 

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